Dating advice sounds like fun

Left untreated, this condition can go on for decades.

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Channel your curiosity and propensity for social media stalking into the actual date.

This guy is very likely someone you don’t really know and someone your friends don’t really know.

Hopefully more open-ended questions like these will help the conversation to flow and develop throughout the date.

When you discuss your dating prospects with everyone you know, you’re bound to hear all of their opinions, too. The hype around a first date is enough to get to anyone's head.

Instead, confide in If you feel a bit jaded about the whole first date thing, pull out the stops to get yourself out of a funk.

You know you are unenthused when you put zero time into preparing for the date or planning the perfect outfit.

Have fun getting ready to put your best self forward.

After all, part of the fun of dating is the excitement that comes before the actual date.

Maintaining a sense of excitement without getting your hopes up, however, is no easy feat. It’s time to make dating fun again, , I know how easy it is for women to call themselves "Mrs. Enjoy each other's company in the present moment without planning your wedding and picking out your dream ring, and I guarantee your date will be that much better because of it. More importantly, going on a date with him is a great way to have those conversations and get to know him—you know, in person.

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