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Like the pioneers we celebrate this month and as President Uchtdorf reviews in the July 2015 Ensign’s First Presidency message, we have the opportunity to step forward every day with faith in every footstep that God will guide us in receiving His greatest blessings.

Even like Nephi, we don’t know exactly where obedience will lead us but we are confident it will be to greater joy than disobedience could ever bring. Although I’ve hesitated in these two years to discuss the elephant in our ward’s room, I’ve realized recently that marriage is a faith issue for most of us too.

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This is something that we usually think of as individual choice. And we are each responsible for making these choices and living with the consequences of our choices.

We should never think we can leave our choices up to someone else, like we might do in a group project in school or at work. However, I’ve come to realize recently that the thing that is truly noteworthy about marriage is that it is an ordinance and covenant that one enters into with God AND with another person.

It must be performed by one holding the sealing power and today in an LDS temple dedicated to God.

The Savior referred to this sealing power when he gave his apostle Peter the keys of the kingdom of heaven, saying that “whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven” (Matt. In modern times this sealing authority was restored to the earth in the Kirtland Temple on April 3, 1836, by the prophet Elijah, who was the ancient custodian of this power (D&C 1-16).

We both had had serious dating experiences just prior to meeting and we had prayed continually in those situations to know what the Lord would have us do.

We both followed the Spirit in many interesting ways to end up in the same neighborhood in Provo and attending the same ward instead of doing other things we thought we probably should have been doing or marrying the people we had been praying about.

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