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This was crazy unhealthy and so I told her that the best thing she could was to look after herself.​As the same with calling or texting him, you also don't want to speak to friends or family to ask where he is and what he is doing.

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which caused Jack to step back and re-evaluate everything.

By calling him every day, Carlie changed the whole course of their relationship. But then, by calling every day, Carlie became the pursuer...

If you repeatedly text or call him, you will be the one chasing him and that game is lost on him.

Men naturally want to be the ones who chase and so give him the opportunity to do so.​If you stop texting or calling him too then it might make him come back to you as there is a bit of a chase.

"I don't know why, but I feel different." What happened here?

You'll be able to handle the unexpected "calling" challenge!

Don't be like most women, who endlessly go from one failed relationship to another, never knowing WHY things never work out.

The good news is that you CAN understand exactly how to handle literally every situation you'll ever encounter when it comes to calling, emailing, and texting the man you want. Knowing what to do will become second nature to you, once you discover the reasons behind what to do - and what not to do - when it comes to calling men!

Carlie had no idea that her innocent calls caused Jack to feel that she wasn't the elusive, thrilling girl he first thought she was.

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