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With other early members, Bill Wilson and Bob Smith developed AA's Twelve Step program of spiritual and character development.

Alanon members, Alanon sponsor, my higher power, for him... Practicing these 12 step program principles helps us not to be distracted from our own recoveries. Hope you'll keep coming back and become a part of our recovery family.

Occasionally, very occasionally, it’s a different story. Chips with everything AA is crazy about chips – or 'sobriety coins'. No two groups are the same Because AA is self-organising at the grass roots level, groups define themselves differently. Others are ‘participation meetings’, where everyone has a chance to share. There are men only meetings, women only meetings, and meetings for any variety of LGBT. Or so meetings like to chant at the end of the session, after reciting the Serenity Prayer. But it’s a refrain in the fellowship that AA works better than aversive medicine (the dreaded antabuse, Ebola in tablet form), white coats (cognitive intelligence therapy), or sermons from self-appointed experts who’ve never themselves been there but know all about it (which, alas, includes most of the medical profession. Nowadays, while sitting on appointment committees, I've seen personal statements in which the job seeker says they’ve been through AA (to counteract any mention of their drinking days in confidential letters of reference). God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.

) These are just one person's thoughts, only you will know what is right for you.

AA suggests members don't get into a relationship until they are at least 12 months sober and have worked the steps.

THey feel there is enough to work on with themselves and no room for anything else that could rock their sobriety......... For me when I was in a relationship I was committed 100% day one. Maybe you'll find something you want or need here and will decide to join us.

If it were me I would be concentrating on my AL-Anon program all the more. I also think its good that you are taking things slowly. There was no watching, waiting and listening time for me. Nowadays I have time when I watch, wait, listen, observe, look at what I need and how I am getting my needs met. Al anon can help you to learn how to focus on your own life, get out of the way of the alcoholic in recovery and most of all build a picture of what is "real" rather than what is the fantasy of what your life could be. I think you are taking steps to take care of you and that's so so important. Finding an Alanon group and attending meetings gave me lots of clarity about my choices and my relationships with the alcoholics in my life which began with my father.

It became too much for him as he valued his recovery over our relationship.

That was a huge step for him and I had to respect that. (We are still friends, years later..he is still sober!

At AA-Gstaad it was espresso coffee and Lindt chocolates to help the millionaires on their path to ‘recovering’. They do not respond (other than with a formal ‘thank you, John, for a wonderful share’, or whatever). Others where there’s a guy just out of prison sitting on one side of you and someone who really ought to be there on the other.

AA is not the Masons where, outside of gatherings, you keep in touch with code words or secret handshakes and conspiratorial ‘assistance’. AA lives by the distilled wisdom contained in the proverb, motto, and slogan – not ‘theory’. and Dr Bob, founded AA in Akron, Ohio, in the 1930s, when even to have stopped drinking was shameful – evidence of past ‘moral weakness’. The Serenity Prayer Few have heard it before they first attend an AA meeting, but once it's in your life it never leaves.

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