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• Published by John Wiley & Sons, one of the biggest publishing companies in the world.

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• Detailed advice on preventing and managing swimming injuries.

• Swim Smooth's structured and easy to read writing style combined with hundreds of photos and diagrams explaining everything very clearly.

Our training plans are designed to be followed from beginning to end to build you up to a race or event.

The sessions in the book are not designed into a continuous programme but they allow you to pick sets to easily construct your own sessions and we show you how to fit them into a regular swimming routine.

The theme of the book is to be more tailored and specific to your individual needs as a swimmer while the training plans are a little more general but give you a laid out continuous program building up for an event.

Q: I'm new to swimming, is the book too advanced for me? The book's been written with a wide range of swimmers in mind, from complete beginners to advanced level athletes.Q: I already own one of your DVDs, what's new in the book?Compared to our DVDs, our new book does inevitably have some crossover in content but there's a huge quantity of new explanations, methods and materials which you won't find anywhere else.Buy Now frequent questions: Q: Why are the international shipping costs higher than your DVDs? We've sought out the very best deal we can for you on shipping but sending something weighing 1kg is always going to cost something.Regardless, the total price is still amazing value considering the quantity and quality of information in the book!I didn't know of her story but I do now - she is very inspiring.

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