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Seeing how comfortable my daughters, five-year-old Matilda and three-year old Bibi, are with nudity in all its forms - male, female, old, young, fat, thin, in-family and out - makes me proud.I see it as part of my crusade to beat the body issues blighting our children's childhoods. My husband, Reuben, and I often sleep without a stitch, and when the girls started to bound into our bedroom in the mornings, we did nothing to cover up. 'As a result, the landscape of our adult anatomy became so commonplace that the girls lost interest. Matilda can't have been much past three when she saw nudity outside the immediate family.

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As they got old enough to tolerate the shower, they would join us there, too. On holiday in Sweden, my mum, the girls and I took a walk beside a lake on a sweltering hot day.

Occasionally they'd take an interest in Reuben's bits or mine, but we made a conscious effort not to react and to answer their questions honestly. We were all desperate for a swim, but had no swimwear.

They were less fascinated by her body than her belly button ring.

I'm not some kind of hippie, free-spirited nudist - I don't even particularly enjoy being naked and grew up in a typically English, covered-up home - but I do believe that seeing real bodies (especially women's) in all their glory will arm my girls with a benchmark to set against the half-starved images on social media that they will no doubt be obsessed with as teenagers.

And before you jump to the conclusion that they're all ravishing size 10 Swedish sirens, they're not.

Over there, there's no need for 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine' games, because I've seen yours so often it's not even interesting any more.

If it makes even the most minuscule difference to the way your children feel about their bodies as they navigate this terrifyingly image-conscious world, then my work will be done.

The daughter of legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford is reportedly going out with 17-year-old Fenton Merkell, the son of Patsy Palmer, who played Eastenders fiery redhead Bianca Jackson.

It was early in the morning and I was heading out to walk the dog.

My husband was away on business, so I left my two daughters alone with a girlfriend who'd stayed for the night before.

After getting hot and bothered tearing about with a classmate on a recent playdate, Matilda thought nothing of peeling off her uniform and undies, much to the bemusement of her friend and his mother, who have coined the term 'doing a Spiring' to mean flashing the flesh.

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