Cyber chatting bot for adults

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We also want them to leave inspired and empowered to learn more about the functionality of Watson, so that they use the technology to improve the communication of their selected impact project, and create new projects they dream up.

And we’re excited that anyone can open an IBM Cloud account, and both the girls and the club leaders have free access to Watson services as they develop their impact project.

Diana: In the immediate future, one focus will be on the expansion of Girls Who Code Clubs.

This program will help us serve tens of thousands more girls nationwide and bring them access to incredible technology, like what is featured in Chatbots for Good.

Even if they go on to other fields they will understand technology from IBM is a key enabler for how they play a role in defining a world that is more inclusive and accessible than would otherwise be possible.

Catherine: Can you tell me more about what’s next for Girls Who Code?This helps girls see a future for themselves in tech. Why did Girls Who Code decide to pilot IBM’s first hero journey?Diana: Girls Who Code has set a goal to grow our Clubs programs, and we see this vast expansion of our program as an opportunity to bring access to exciting and unique technologies to communities nationwide.Automation is expanding rapidly, and we feel strongly that growing empathetic designers who think about their users first is key to creating a world that is accommodating for all people.Catherine: How do you think learning these skills will benefit society as a whole?Catherine: Why is empathy an important part of technology?

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