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Hundreds of millions of people currently use the Internet to enhance their lives and those of others.

Yet a growing segment of the online population abuses the Internet for antisocial purposes, to stalk, harass and prey on other users, often with distressing effects.

Finally, cyber violence may be targeted at individuals or groups, the latter being more characteristic targets of cyber violence than of offline, physical violence, due to the ease with which a single perpetrator can gather information about and make contact with large numbers of people on the Internet.

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However, to ignore the larger gender pattern associated with violence is to miss a basic insight into the social reality of violence as a means of control and intimidation.

That is, it tends to be perpetrated downward along a power hierarchy, thereby reinforcing societal gender asymmetries.

One obstacle to taking effective action against cyber violence is that it tends to be viewed as less serious, less "real" than violence in the off-line world.

This is due in part to the relative novelty of the phenomenon (and of cyberspace as a whole); cyber violence does not conform to our familiar prototype of violence in a number of respects.

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