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For example, if someone has the "right to be safe" this means that others do not have the liberty to make her/him unsafe.

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This time may come four weeks or four years from now.

The group will participate in a "carousel" about dating relationships.

CORA's Teen Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum includes a blank handout that can be given to the participants to complete before having the class wide discussion.

This topic can be especially sensitive and elicit anxiety responses from participants.

An individual is expected to respect the rights of others in exchange for the assurance that the others will respect the same rights for him in turn.

This means no one has the right to take another person's rights away from him or her, no matter how upset they may be.There is a series of statements posted around the room.Each participant should take a marker and complete the sentence on the chart paper for themselves. Once each participant has completed each statement, they should return to their seat.Anxiety responses may include giggling, leaving the room, disengaging or being disruptive during the conversation.If a participant gives a response that is intentionally disruptive or provocative, ask how the response applies to the discussion.The next activity is going to help the group define a "healthy relationship."Ask the group to define what a "right" is.

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