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Online dating sites are spaces where the actual and virtual self are intended to be as identical as possible.

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But don't forget the old saying "Fortune favors the bold!

Age and Gender in Online Dating Websites: An Analysis of User Profiles on Ed Chow D Coulombe Valerie Garcia Donna Vuu Jen Wade Introduction: Cyberspace has a great effect on how we communicate, interact, and form relationships online/offline, and affects how we see ourselves both in the realm of virtual space and real/actual space.

Both are really about putting yourself out there, working up the courage to make the first move and see where it goes.

The best thing that we can learn from both cultures is that finding a partner is not that easy for everyone and sometimes it does take some work.

round-shaped football) and even differences in vocabulary. Before you can be “dating someone”, you have to ask someone out first.

Here, Americans like to stay with the classic approach.Using data gathered from personal profiles on we were able to compare the ways these sites mediated users’ identities through online interactions with the prospect of developing an offline relationship.Mediated matchmaking is not a new phenomenon: Newspaper personal advertisements have existed since the mid-19th century and video dating was popular in the 1980s.The usual route is to ask someone out for a cup of coffee or a drink or even dinner.However, the British are more likely to ask someone to do something in a group setting first as opposed to doing something one-on-one.And American women might even have some certain rules pertaining to the first date like no kissing!

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