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While I'm really not a girly girl, I have dreamed of having a moving closet like Claire's.(And, in later years, Wall-E's moving storage system in his "house" - holy cow, yes! Needless to say, the initial hour quickly ran out, and I wasted no time in purchasing the game.


Lead characters often shown carrying Starbucks cups. A student, in a mock "acceptance speech" for having the most tardies, "thanks" Mc Donald's and their Egg Mc Muffins.

One of the characters sings along to the Mentos commercial jingle playing on television. " catchphrases and baggy clothing, there are some mixed messages about teen sex, underage drinking and drug use, and materialism.

Teens drink and smoke marijuana ("doobies") at a party. There's occasional mild profanity, but also use of the word "retard" in a pejorative way, as well as calling the grunge-skater clique "loadies." Some sexual innuendo: Talk of crooked penises, and double entendre over the word "balls." A goatee is called "chin pubes." A teen is shown vomiting in a pool after drinking heavily.

They discuss other drugs (one mentions the beverage Coke and someone thinks she means cocaine). One of the "loadie" students is shown donating his bong to charity.

Join Cher, Dionne and their gal pals and dress them according to the style guides and what look you need for each model. As levels progress you are given more looks to create. Go ahead and refresh yourself on certain looks or take notes if needed. They are not alike, make sure you know the difference. I didn't find the tutorial very clear on that, but it might be just me.

I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I looooove this game.

One of the "loadie" students is shown donating his bong to charity.

A student walks to the window of the classroom as if he's going to jump out.

Cher remakes Tai, the new kid who dresses wrong, talks wrong, does too many drugs, and has too much sex. And she comes to admire her more serious, "do-gooder" stepbrother, who influences her to question her selfishness and values.

Cher espouses her philosophy throughout, demonstrating that though she's smart, she also is ignorant. Characters quote and Dickens and read books by Nietzsche and William Burroughs.

Getting high occasionally at a party is OK, but "it is quite another thing to be fried all day," for example.

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