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Administrators can place each index partition in a separate node to distribute index maintenance and index scan load.

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The Materialized View has the indexed column as the partition key and primary key (partition key and clustering keys) of the indexed row as clustering keys.

Scylla breaks indexed queries into two parts: (1) a query on the index table to retrieve partition keys for the indexed table and (2) a query to the indexed table using the retrieved partition keys.

Scylla takes a different approach than Apache Cassandra and implements Secondary Indexes using global indexing.

With global indexing, a Materialized View is created for each index.

In addition to the native secondary indexes, Apache Cassandra also has another local indexing scheme, SSTable Attached Secondary Index (SASI), which supports complex queries and search.

However, from a scalability point of view, it has exactly the same characteristics as the original Secondary Indexes.Materialized Views are therefore not a replacement for Secondary Indexes for all use cases.However, Materialized Views provide the necessary infrastructure to implement Secondary Indexes using global indexing, which is the implementation approach taken for Scylla.Apache Cassandra implements Secondary Indexes as local indexes, which means that the index is stored on the same node as the data that’s being indexed from that node.The benefit of a local index is that writes are very fast, but the downside is that reads have to potentially query every node to find the index to perform a lookup on, which makes local indexes unscalable to large clusters.In the case of a Materialized View, an update to any of the columns that appear in the view requires the backing view to be updated.

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