who is billie jean king dating - Coleen garcia and gab valenciano dating

Kung i-priority yung relationship, dapat hindi siya pupunta, but that’s not how it should be.

Mahirap na yung long distance relationship, paano pa kaya na dagdagan pa an showbiz kami.

Lahat ng hirap na meron ang isang relationship nararanasan namin ngayon,” she said.

Before his trip, Coleen said that they ended the relationship peacefully.

“Andun pa rin yung respeto and it’s a beautiful relationship. It changed me also in a way, I became more responsible and mature,” she said.

“Kasi we get along so well, Gab and I get along so well talaga.

Hindi naman araw-araw, hindi naman sa palaging nag-aaway, pero pabigat nang pabigat yung mga away." There are also fears that Valenciano will find someone there since they are apart, she added.Garcia admitted she still loves Valenciano and his family. "It’s different when you love someone and when you want to be with someone.Right now, I love him, I love his family, pero I don’t think I should be with him.” Garcia previously planned to stay in the States and study there as well, but she said she decided against it because she wants to prioritize herself, her family and her career.Coleen Garcia and Gab Valencino decided to end their relationship since the latter is going to the United States for two years to study.Although Garcia can easily visit Valenciano there, she said reality finally caught up with them.“We’re just gonna pulling each other down if we don’t stop it." “Mahirap na yung long-distance relationship as it is, pero paano kaya kung dagdagan mo pa na paangat pa lang, tapos showbiz pa? " Valenciano is not sure when he will be coming back to the country, although he said in an earlier interview that he will visit as much as he can. Even before she got together with Valenciano, she knew already that he will be leaving for the States.

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