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Salama says that, “” READ MORE: Further advice from Salama – How to build trust in a relationship Once you’ve caved in and said the three magic words, what’s next?Do you open the flood gates and profess your love daily, or leave ‘I love you’ for birthdays and the odd special occasion?If you are uncertain over when to say ‘I love you’, follow this advice from Elite Singles psychologist Salama Marine. Should you blurt out "I love you" or should you wait a little longer?

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According to The Gottman Institute, fondness and admiration are two of the most crucial elements in a rewarding and long-lasting romance.

When we act in loving and respectful ways, it not only shows our husband that we love him, but it also changes the fiber of our marriage. When I tell him, “I loved how you handled that phone call with our bank: respectful, but firm,” it means much more because I pulled out exactly what I noticed that makes me proud of him.

Of course, saying ‘I love you’ shouldn’t have to follow a timeline or stick to social rules, but if you say it too soon, your partner may not have as deep romantic feelings as you yet.

They might start to feel that the relationship is unbalanced emotionally and get cold feet.

The majority (49%) of the 5,300 survey respondents said 6 months was the ideal duration.

In comparison, 9% would wait at least a year, whilst an eager 7% would drop the l-bomb after dating for just a week! Salama says, “if you say ‘I love you’ after a short period of time together, it could indicate that you are not seriously thinking about the meaning of the words or that the words are not that important to you.

Perhaps, it is just not in our culture to be so outspoken when it comes to declaring our love and Salama doesn’t think this is a problem.

She says, “Saying ‘I love you’ is more efficient than any other phrase to show attachment and commitment. The heavy meaning of the three words may be lost over time, that’s why it is best to be reasonable and save it for special moments.” The majority of respondents (75%) said they would like to hear their partner say I love you a least once a week.

What the expression really is saying is – “I am in love with the idea of being in love” AND “I really think you are the answer for ME”! This should be mutually agreed to and clearly understood by both Christian singles. It is very important that each person have their own accountability group of their own gender.

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