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Gee, I guess the author kind of fucked himself there, didn't he?

See now, everything in this webcomic is predictable.

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6 Gun Mage was in the to-be-reviewed section of the BWW forum. Let me give you my first few notes on this webcomic, so that you may adequately understand exactly where I found the downfall to be.

Okay, so this is the downfall because by this time you know you're in for a long, dreary, life draining haul.

And if they just want to study her abilities, it wouldn't be very good if they killed and autopsied her, would it?

They'd risk losing a powerful hand in the military for a corpse which taught them nothing. I guess it's the government's fate in every story ever to be the bad guy.

Conveniently, there's a bathhouse beneath their headquarters, so the reader gets a dose of cheesecake every so often, and the company is run by a woman with elf ears. This is a plot line which isn't even so much as hinted toward ever again.

The elf chick used to be in cahoots with some kind of super gunslinger.It's a cool concept which hasn't been expanded upon by the author, and this means that the author just kind of made gun mages almost practically useless, considering that there are better alternatives to the abilities they possess in this webcomic.Our main character, Kylie, is on the run from the government.Best stick to what other people already did right so that you don't have to risk making something bad.Except that when you don't take risks, it doesn't really come off as good anyways.And they aren't as good as full-fledged mages, of which only maybe four have appeared, for about ten pages (it's implied that there are many more).

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