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His clothes are very clean and simple, but they are not boring. She let me pick my own clothes when I was 13, and they were just ugly. Q: Your mother was sick for a long time before her death from AIDS in 1992. A: It was the most difficult thing I have had to deal with. Q: Did your mother give you advice on how to dress? She was sick for three years, and I was very much a part of taking care of and looking after her. More than anything else, that (experience) has shaped me into who I am today. Q: Did "The Big Hit" make you decide you want to be an actress? Q: Other than that, what was it like to work with him? I mean more than anybody else, he really got me through the whole experience.

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Mark Wahlberg Girlfriend China Chow 1998 When on the set for the movie The Big Hit, Wahlberg met Chow. Once they were done filming, the relationship didn’t last long.

Mark Wahlberg Girlfriend Jordana Brewster 2000 to 2001 It is unclear how these two met or started their relationship.

Mark Wahlberg Rumored Girlfriend Shannon Dougherty 1992 This was never confirmed but the two were spotted together on a couple of occasions.

This lasted just a brief period of time and then it was over.

China Chow is the daughter of Michael Chow, proprietor of the chic Mr.

Chow restaurants in Beverly Hills, New York and London.

Chow made her acting debut in 1998, starring opposite Mark Wahlberg in The Big Hit. In 2007, Chow appeared on USA Network's first season of Burn Notice.

She is the host and a judge of Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, which premiered on 9 June 2010.

Mark Wahlberg Rumored Girlfriend Reese Witherspoon 1995 These two met on the set of the movie Fear.

There were rumors for a short while that they had a fling though neither ever confirmed this to be true.

They dated for over a year and kept it out of the public eye the whole time.

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