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Charter guests are paying about 0k – 0k per week.

That food better be awesome and those cabins perfect.

(Although some do make a life of it) Do remember that it’s not so easy to just jump on a boat for a couple of months with no experience earn some cash and then leave.

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The season normally starts in Palma de Mallorca (best place to go at the start and end of the season) and then moves on to France or Italy.

Mid-season you want to be based around Antibes, this is because there is a good support network and it’s a short train ride to Monaco, Nice and Cannes.

The first thing to do is contact SAMSA and get a seamans book. #winning Otherwise for the US you want a B1/B2 visa and you’ll need Schengen or French / Dutch Atillies visa’s depending on where you’re going.

One thing to note is that by international law, the yacht is an extension of the land that it is registered in – regardless of what waters you are in.

Many yachts are registered in Bikini or Malta as they are tax havens.

The only thing you really have to get is an STCW 95.

They let you use the stuff when they’re not there, they’ll give you plenty of perks and try to keep you around if they like you.

(Otherwise it’s like having different servants at your holiday house every time you go – not that I’ve experienced this myself…) They’re more laid back and may interact with the crew more.

The rest may differ depending on what area you’re wanting to go into (see “Crew Positions” below) As a deckhand, a tender course is handy, as an engineer your AEC or MEOL and as a stew or chef do something in that line.

REMEMBER: Pretty much nothing that you’ve done on land is going to be relevant and it counts for VERY little.

It is far more like a floating hotel where everything just has to work. NOTE: Some large sail yachts (over 150 feet) act more like motor yachts than sail yachts.

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