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Does anonymity help us to express our feelings more?

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There’s no real guarantee that a Listener will keep your venting session private.• There’s also no guarantee of getting a legitimate chat partner, but that’s what the “Disconnect” button is for.• Just because the site is text-based and somewhat safer-feeling than Chatroulette, it doesn’t automatically follow that all participants are going to follow the rules and keep things PG.

And, before you venture off to start listening or venting, here are some tips:• It’s difficult to play the role of Listener without stepping in to do some venting of your own.

All hourly winners are still eligible for the grand prize. The WLD is the local organized chapter of the NMRA, with its own officers and independence; however it is chartered to promote the hobby of model railroading on behalf of the NMRA.

The NMRA is the national advocacy corporation for the hobby; not only are model railroaders themselves members, but also the companies that manufacture or publish for the hobby as well.

Bottom line: if venting helps you to feel better, and if anonymous (and sometimes unpredictable) interaction sweetens the deal, you’ll have fun playing with BLAH Therapy.

Do you think that anonymous chat is an effective method for releasing pent-up steam?

If someone starts to judge or reacts in a way you’re uncomfortable with, you can click “Disconnect” and find someone else.• It reminds me of Postsecret, in a way, because it can be an outlet for letting go of secrets — which when bottled up can cause distress.• For some people, listening to the problems of others is therapeutic in and of itself.• It’s good when venting to a friend isn’t appropriate (say, if the situation is your friend).

Cons:• The listeners are NOT mental health professionals, so heed any advice cautiously — perhaps in the same way you’d take advice from, say, a friendly single-serving acquaintance from the checkout line at the grocery store. They’re everyday people who, like you, merely have an interest in either venting or listening.• You never truly know if an interaction on the internet is private.

Once you arrive at the site, you’re prompted to play the role of either “Venter” or “Listener”. Instead, we exchanged some small talk, joked about how we hope Blah Therapy doesn’t turn into Chatroulette, and then we started the process.

As a Venter, you’re given the floor to talk about anything that needs to be released from your mind. Unlike the popular random webcam chat site Chatroulette, BLAH Therapy won’t pull up any potentially indecent video streams from your chat buddy. I first read about the service on Mashable this week, so I decided to test it out right away both as a Listener and a Venter. My chat partner was excited to play the role of Venter — he said that in real life, he’s the Listener within his group of friends, so being able to vent was a valuable thing for him. Humorous conversation, but less therapeutic than some would like.

The hourly door prizes are donated by our vendors, and we pull about four or five numbers each hour.

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