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They are joined by Estrella, the sister of their extraterrestrial friend, Hilguegue. Marc is still living in Daniel's apartment but Daniel is no longer there. She just moved into the building with Gérard, who works at a gym.

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After his Romani mother dies giving birth to him, Sébastien is raised by an old shepherd along with his own two grandchildren.

When Sébastien is six years old, he meets Belle, a white Pyrenean mountain dog.

Episodes that are less than two minutes long follow an unnamed young man in his, often failed, attempts to better his love/sex life, career, housing situation, etc.

Originally aired as a segment of Le Grand Journal series.

Shortcom episodes typically range in length from one to seven minutes, though many shortcom series do include longer episodes.

Un gars, une fille, based on the French-language Canadian series of the same name, began in 1999 and was the first shortcom series that was not a sequence in another series to air in France.

Once there, their rest is constantly interrupted by family, friends and exes.

Thirty-five-year-old Morgane has just broken up with her significant other and her father has been hospitalized.

Medieval fantasy, comedy about the legendary King Arthur and his quest for the Holy Grail.

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