Chat request from girl

The update starts rolling out today on i OS Android in U. Knowing they’re someone you’ve actually met could make you a lot more likely to reply, and get the conversation going naturally rather than stumbling with “oh…hey…how did we meet again?

” Messenger can also pull up this kind of info for existing Facebook friends you’ve never messaged with before.

"Getting a friend request from a girl is nice insight that she is interested," says Brad, a media producer in his late 20's.

"I got a friend request from a girl soon after a first date, and it was a good way to know that she'd say yes to a second date." The lesson here?

Getting a friend request is "an indication that the girl enjoyed meeting me and wants to maintain a connection," according to Scott, a 20-something lawyer.

"Having even that slightest indication of interest would make me more confident to take the initiative and move things along." But when do friend requests strike guys as strange or premature?

Facebook - along with other forms of Techno-Romance - has completely infiltrated our love lives in this post-dating world. WTFIs Up With My Love, I have encountered the same question, time and time again, from young, single women: should I friend request him on Facebook?

I met a man at my friend's birthday party - should I friend request him? What does it mean if he doesn't confirm me right away?This is something that there is no classic gender role for, and a girl can feel comfortable doing." Yet once your friend request is received, "the ball is in his court," claims Andy.And instead of scaring guys off or seeming too eager, friend requests can even motivate shyer men to make (legitimate, non-Facebook-oriented) moves."Look, there's a 95% chance that he isn't worth a lick if he didn't have the courage to get your phone number, but there's always that 5% chance. Facebook him." At our very cores, both modern men women are adjusting to shifting gender roles and the ever-increasing empowerment of women in the Millennial generation. Guys like to know where they stand too - especially those of us who are more timid when it comes to the opposite sex." And if you never make it out of friend purgatory?"For the girl, I have to imagine it's the least worst form of rejection if the guy doesn't accept her friend request," offers Brad. Friend request that cute guy and then let the ball sit in his court! We might as well reach out and see who wants to be a part of it.And besides, "What guy doesn't want to lower the guy-girl ratio of his Facebook friends a little?

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