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Live chats can be started automatically at the end of the presentation, and the moderator can also determine the order in which the messages of the attendees appear, in order to guide the flow of the discussion.

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Research (BMBF) uses our ubivent virtual event platform for its online marketplace "Zwanzig20 - Partnership for Innovation".

This virtual marketplace is an important tool, which supports different business and science organisations as they come together to form decentralised networks during the early stages of the program, thereby helping to pave the way for effective cooperation between science and technology.

Send us a message via our contact form if you would like to see a demo event on our ubivent platform!

At Classic Exhibits, we design and build exhibits for folks who love trade shows and special events. We are a flexible manufacturer willing to do "What others can't or won't even try." The current Classic Exhibits product line consists of a wide range solutions for the exhibit, retail, and event market. We offer design services for any size booth and any budget. In addition, Classic Exhibits has a partnership with Eco-Systems Sustainable Exhibits, a designer of eco-friendly trade show displays based in Grand Rapids, MI.

The number of staff on a booth is not restricted in any way!

A complex algorithm ensures that only the next available avatar is shown to the attendees.

Numerous highly reputable companies participate in this virtual event.

Susanne Hamer, project manager at Job Leads, is very pleased with this sustained success: “The virtual events for career-interested experts and managers in the IT sector are a huge success and exceed our most optimistic expectations – thanks to ubivent and their professional and flawless realization of this innovative event platform.” You can also staff each booth with individual booth personnel.

Several hundred participants are the further underline the success of the event.

The virtual auditorium can be tailored to your individual needs: with or without slides, subtitles or translation.

For the first time we were able to inform lots of employees about software licensing.” Typically, participants can watch a teaser or welcome video, which tells them the most important information about the virtual event.

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