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As a role-playing game, , though, we needed the character to come from a big city to a small country town to be the driving force of the story, and it seemed more natural for a male character to fulfill that role.

There are story aspects to this decision, as well.’s characters literally shooting themselves in the head to evoke their namesake fighting demons.

“Oh, but I might just leave it blank, to retain an air of mystery! Writing a one line self-description or joke in your Tinder bio will not make you seem too keen.

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Remember, most of the time, the women seeing your profile on Tinder will not know anything about you (or will only know of you through your ex’s best friend, as is so often the case).

This is your opportunity to give them a taste of your sass, your wit, your sense of humor, or even just some basic life facts.

All three starring characters who move to a new place, orphaned or otherwise on their own.

We’ve heard this kind of argument made by game developers before, however.

With the series’ increasing popularity overseas and with all kinds of players, Hashino’s comments feel especially archaic — and disappointing.

First off, we are all for lesbian-specific dating apps.

Apps like Her and Pink Cupid are excellent places to meet queer ladies in your city, and we fully encourage you to sign up and upload your best pet picture for maximum gayness.

However, as a purely numbers game, Tinder remains a surefire way to connect with queer ladies in your area.

As such, making your display photo on point is crucial. You’re taking back the male gaze and celebrating self-love and flattering angles! However, a Tinder profile that literally consists of six similar selfies is not very intriguing.

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