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One good bet is to approach the so called "Friendship clubs" that are advertized in Deccan chronicle etc.

These are more like official fronts for providing 'contacts' of available and willing ladies.

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So far it has been good fun and the advantage is that the deals with these babes are open ended, you can fix your own deals with them and they too can get you more of their friends.

Ofcourse, all the 'meetings' cost you money and the cost can range from 1500 to 3000 on average and could also be more depending on age, quality, profession and time.

Humped her for entire nite for 4k Good thing abt her is shez got nice nippees !!! I got 2 contacts, one is doing her MCA and other is an MBA student.

Good pick up near to ulsoor road around 11-12 near and after Kids Kemp, if you are lucky you can bump into Kids kemp and hookup a nice femme too shez got that stuff as well. If you see a babe around all alone, with albiet make up ... These would be pure commercial 'straight-to-the-point' types, and they do seem to have college going girls as well.

I have had good success with one of them and I think all others too may be just as good.

The one I took membership was called 'friends channel'. The adverts come out on weekends regularly in the Classifieds in the papers like DC, EENADU.

Negotiate with the club before hand on number of persons they will introduce and frequency etc and profile.

I have so far met up with one housewife, one event coordinator and a beautician.

But one common thread so far I observed is that none of them seem to be 'Full-time" on this !!

The usual pressures of professionals who keep watching the clock is not there and places are usually non-hotel types.

Looking at the frustration so many of you seem to be having, which I too had for quite some time till I decided to explore and discover, I decided to share some good news with you guys but with a word of caution.

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