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When they’re all said and done the cost is so low you’ll just want to cry.

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Mobile home/stick built advocates believe in living in smaller spaces, much like the tiny home movement I go nuts over.

There are many things to consider before purchasing a pre-fabricated home.

They’re completely pre-fabricated homes and can be customized completely how you want it. There’s a huge movement of people buying mobile homes or stick builts because they want to live a debt free life- and buying a home that could cost you less than your car seems do-able.

They’re buying total fixer uppers for just a few thousand, and then spending their extra cash making everything look awesome.

Even if you purchase the home outright, you will still need a permanent foundation if you plan to sell your home later on.

Most of us see the value in purchasing a home instead of renting one.

Growing up I lived in a singlewide trailer out in the middle of nowhere.

It was a huge source of embarrassment for me in my teen years. After awhile we started to do some renovations and even added two extra bedrooms and made it look less and less like a trailer inside, but the outside always looked like a run down mobile home.

Plus you will find yourself surrounded by other modular homes, so when it comes time to sell, the resale price of your home will always depend on other homes around it.

You are likely better off to purchase a modular home and have it built on a separate plot of land - this will avoid the cookie cutter development look.

My family had inherited some property and since they were renting before, they of course jumped on the opportunity to be homeowners. It was from the 70’s and completely looked like it. Eventually my parents upgraded their trailer to a stick built home. Now that I’m older and thinking about debt and the cost of living and what kind of life I want to give my kid, I can’t help but think about these cheaper and eco-friendly options.

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