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Alternatively, there were around 3.8 million divorces—an increase of 5.6 percent from the previous year and the fastest increasing divorce rate in the world. For 58.37 percent of users, men with monthly incomes of between eight and ten thousand RMB were the most desirable catches, with those in higher and lower income brackets each occupying around 20 percent of the total.As far as profession factored in to the selection process, men tended to prefer women around 28 years of age who were in the fields of accounting, nursing or administrative and personell positions; women tended to go for men approximately 33 years old in management, financial management and civil service.The Geography of Blind Dates When ranked by city, those in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shenzheng were most likely to be set up on blind dates during Spring Festival, ranking by province, the distribution was centered heavily in the South East.

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I’m sure that this escapee to Thailand isn’t the only one who’s forced to go on blind dates during the New Year.

Who do you know that went on a blind date this holiday season? And when I was single I went on blind dates, speed dating parties and dating websites. Because picking up girls on the street (decent girls not looking to take advantage of you) is not easy and as common.

The song describes relatives’ ceaseless interrogation of a young person’s dating life that they faces when they travel home.

Many Netizens showed an affinity with the song and expressed that they too were growing weary of pressure from relatives to date.

An graph showing 54.7 percent of singles went on between 8-10 blind dates over the holiday.

2 percent went on more than ten, 16.46 percent went on 5-8, 20.5 percent had 5 or less, and 6.34 percent didn According to the most recent data from National Bureau of Civil Affairs, the current number of single adults in China surpasses 200 million, 140 million of which have never married.

78 percent of single males and 22 percent of females were made to go on blind dates over the holiday, contrary to the idea that“leftover women” suffer more pressure to go on blind dates than men.

This is either due to the fact that men are actually more likely to be set up by family and friends or that they are simply more wiling to talk about it openly online than their female counterparts.

Most of these single adults are 20-24 year olds, making up 83.2 million of the total.

The 25-29 age bracket makes up 38.9 million of these singles and those singles aged 25-44 make up over 60 percent of the group.

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