Biracia dating

Some may think I’m shallow for daydreaming about my race double.

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Interracial couples often hold other similarities that bind them together, like religious affiliations or philosophical beliefs.

Even as the world becomes more integrated and interconnected, however, same race couples are still the norm.

Being showered with so much love this month made me grateful that Troy and I have such a strong bond, even though it isn't always easy.

I'm black and Troy's white and being in a bi-racial relationship has been surprisingly challenging. It can be frustrating when all Troy and I want to do is go to the movies and it feels like all eyes are on us.

But, they were also both in relationships with people of their own race, and I have yet to have that option.

For those who think people should “stick with their own kind,” they may not realize that for many, any relationship is interracial, unless both partners happen to have the same ethnic mix.

In true 90s fashion, he wears a sweater vest, has shortly cropped hair, and holds an antique copy of Langston Hughes poetry tucked under his arm.

But his most visible quality is that he’s Biracial.

Studies have shown that people are often romantically drawn to those who look like them.

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