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On his first appearance on “Conan,” in January, 2012, he ranted about Johnny Depp. He asks people about entertainment-world minutiae with the intensity of a thousand suns; he brings megastars and civilians together in strange, humble scenarios; when a contestant’s answer upsets him in one segment, he flops onto a mountain of garbage bags.

In his ability to instigate and navigate all this, to will himself into stardom and to remain unfazed by it, and to confront us with fame’s magnitude and its inconsequence as we race to catch a bus, he is, perhaps, the ultimate New Yorker.

Bush was also tapped to host NBC's coverage of the Miss USA pageant, which was owned by Donald Trump from 1996 to 2015.

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He has a handsome face, with a slight asymmetry around the eyes. Why don’t you just be pretty, and leave quirky to those of us who don’t have a _choice! On “Billy on the Street,” Eichner’s lifelong love of show business, musical theatre, independent films, seriocomic dramas made for adults, the people who make them, and absurdity in general play out on the sidewalks of New York.

His height, his big microphone, his pronounced widow’s peak, the screaming: the over-all effect is commanding, and a little unnerving. He’s fascinated by pop culture and fatigued by the hype surrounding it.

Billy was at West Ham United until the age of 14, when he left for Chelsea in a swap deal with Tosan Popo, who went on to play for Charlton Athletic.

Billy captained the Under-16 team to second place in the 2008 Cobham Cup and was an inspirational leader throughout, but struggled for the first half of the ensuing season due to non-footballing (and non negative) issues, before a cruciate ligament injury ended any hopes of him playing for the Under-18 team before his scholarship, something he surely would have done.

I first met Eichner this winter, when “Difficult People” was shooting at a restaurant in the East Village.

He was filming a scene with Klausner and Andrea Martin, the Second City veteran, who plays Julie’s mother.

In the first episode, Eichner ferociously mocks Chelsea Handler—“I’ve been so drunk for the last five years I haven’t written a joke! Eichner said, “When Andrea started, I was full of questions—‘What’s Goldie Hawn like? ’ ” Improvising with her was intimidating, he said.

”—making Klausner burst into laughter tinged with shock that feels genuine. The day’s scene took place in the café where Billy works and Julie likes to write. He plays a waiter, but in his struggling years that job didn’t pan out for him. Before a scene in which Eichner would be observing from the sidelines as Klausner sat at a table talking to Martin and her campy gay friend, the director said, “The camera will be rolling on you, Billy.

He had been suspended from his role hosting the third hour of 'Today' after a 2005 tape emerged in which he engaged in banter about sexual assault with 'Apprentice' star and future Republican presidential contender Donald Trump.

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