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In addition to the importance of the web application regarding turnover or image - the term access to a web application used in this document can be a good criterion in the decision-making process relating to the use of WAFs.

Specifically, the access to a web application, measures the extent to which the required changes to the application source code are actually carried out in-house, on time,or can be carried out by third parties.

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Firewall Analyzer makes it easy to define and enforce network segmentation throughout your network and across all leading firewall platforms.

With Firewall Analyzer you can quickly confirm that your existing network security policy does not violate your network segmentation strategy or block critical business services, and meets compliance requirements.

Using Firewall Analyzer, you can optimize the configuration of firewalls, routers, web proxies and related network infrastructure to ensure security and compliance.

Firewall Analyzer automatically pulls information from a wide range of devices to generate an interactive network topology map.

Firewall Analyzer minimizes the risk that devices will be exploited, by continuously monitoring them against custom-defined or recommended device configuration baselines which are provided for each product.

Web applications of all kinds, whether online shops or partner portals, have in recent years increasingly become the target of hacker attacks.the data security standard of the credit card industry (PCI DSS v1.1), security breaches in Germany which have only recently been revealed, such as the loss of approx. credit card information for online ticket dealer, have ensured an increased level of interest in possible security measures against application level attacks.This document covers a category of security systems, the Web Application Firewalls (WAF), which are especially well suited for securing web applications which are already in production.Whether the online branch of a bank, an online-shop, a customer-, partner- or employee-portal - all of these web applications are available to their customers - as well as their attackers - around the clock due to the always on nature of the internet.Attacks such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting or session hijacking are aimed at vulnerabilities in the web applications itself - and not at those on the network level.In this document, a WAF is defined as a security solution on the web application level which - from a technical point of view - does not depend on the application itself.

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