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A person's role model says a lot about who they are and who they want to be.

It’s only five minutes past the time we said we’d meet at a coffee shop in Center City, but every minute I keep her waiting could be one more minute I’m delaying true love.

Careful, though—a first date is a conversation not an interrogation, so don't come overprepared.

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There are usually multiple reasons the relationship went awry.

Evaluate where things went wrong and regardless of who was at fault, understand how to mitigate the issues in future relationships. Focus on prospective mates who possess the traits that are truly important to you.

If you are playing for keeps – look beyond the superficial and make sure you are selecting someone with potential for longevity. Finding an attractive partner who meets all of your specific physical, emotional, intellectual and relationship criteria is much more challenging…that’s why people hire Selective Search. We all have a friend who seems to constantly draw your focus and attention on their complaints and issues.

Limit or terminate negative and unhealthy friendships.

Carve out time each month on the calendar now before you become a slave to your schedule. Focus on the things that are positive in your life.

Each morning, take notice of your strengths and positive attributes. Work on ignoring the little voice in your head that criticizes you and become your own cheerleader. It’s time to break this vicious cycle you’ve been on. Not only will we introduce you to true love, but you’ll also discover the best version of yourself.

The database women have all submitted their detailed profiles and photos for free.

If Monica likes what she sees, an interview follows.

This is a guest post by one of my favorite dating experts, Barbie Adler on finding love in 2016. Subject: Finding Love in 2016 by Barbie Adler, President and Founder of Selective Search As we ring in another year, it’s time to put any love mishaps from 2015 behind and concentrate on looking forward.

A matchmaker for 16 years, not only does Adler know what she’s talking about when it comes to love, but she is inspiring, with dating advice that will seriously get you off your couch and into the arms of Mr. Dedicate 2016 to focusing on a healthy mind, body and quality relationships.

Allow 2016 to be a year of positivity and mutuality.

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