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The message, they say again and again, is that figure skating is a sport for real men – men who like to bench press furniture and chew thumb tacks. But take this from Johnny Weir: “I want people to know how hard I work …

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I think she has the wisdom and this calmness on the ice and this feeling of comfort that she gives to the audience and to the judges that pretty much no other skater out there can do.” “Yevgenia has been my favorite new surprise of the season. As much as I think Mao will have it in the bag if she skates clean, I think Yevgenia is possibly the person who can bring home the gold.” “[Gold] has always technically been so good that there’s no doubt in my mind she can win any event that she enters, but this is the first year that I actually sense a new Gracie, a Gracie that’s much more comfortable in her skin, much more comfortable in a competition setting. But she does struggle getting two great skates out there [in one competition].

We are used to all these new Russians, new little teenagers popping up … At the final, there’s no room, especially in the short program, to bury yourself.” “Ashley, obviously her last event didn’t go so well, but you can’t really base anything on track record when it comes to her just because she’s feisty.

Is it the skating or the Sir Francis Walsingham-era fur trim? Maybe that silly jacket has created a mood that becomes the vessel of his athletic performance.

Maybe next time, I’ll start the clapping.------Mark has observed a lot of figure-skating events while covering five Olympics.

Figure skating, done by either sex, is an incomparable display of balance, poise, and power. To spend the best part of a week watching humans hurtle down craning slopes at speeds exceeding the average Fiat, watching them ride a steel-bladed rocket down a chute of ice, hearing the thunder of shoulder-padded players thudding into wood and plexiglass – and then to step into the men’s figure skating competition is to enter an entirely different universe.

It was not merely the theater of competition – it is theater. ”The announcer actually says this before the scores are announced.

will provide live coverage of all Grand Prix Final programs for subscribers. The Japanese icon is shaking off rust after taking the 2014-15 season off.

Wagner, who won Skate Canada in October but finished fourth at NHK Trophy two weeks ago, has already been there, finishing second or third at each of the last three Grand Prix Finals.

Tired of fur-wearing French figure-skating judges and the controversy they court, the International Olympic Committee has set a new standard for all judged sports (except snowboarding), making them base scores more on measurable athletic skills than intangible impressions.

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