Are ashley tisdale and jared murillo still dating dating middle school

--Nr Dg , 2 January 2009 (UTC)Ok, I understand, but let's return to my original statement. There is no genetic test that proves Jewishness in any objective sense.

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So there's no point of bringing the fact that we accept song peaks because those songs are only credited to her and ONLY her.

5.) LASTLY, if the main goal of adding up these irrelevant material is to somehow expand the article, then I guess I could help without including anything unnecessary.

The box office results and view counts are located in their respective pages and it certainly has nothing to do DIRECTLY to Tisdale as the movies also include other people.

4.) The page is about Ashley Tisdale, not about what happened to her movies which include other people as well.

Also, I broke your (Kikko) comment into separate lines, because, one, it was formatted that way in edit mode and I guessed you wanted it to appear that way, and, two, it makes it easier to navigate. I think the bio needs a little work: "Tisdale is Jewish on her mother's side and considers herself Jewish." There is an obvious misconception about ethnic Jews. If, for instance, her father was Jewish, would she no longer be Jewish? Or, if someone can find a source, say "Tisdale is Jewish but does not consider herself religious", or "Tisdale is Jewish and openly embraces its cultural and religious qualities".

Whatever source quoted she "considers" herself Jewish probably offers a little more info on that aspect.

I confess that I was the one who suggested adding brief notes on reception during the peer review.

Although I agree listing commercial reception for movies in which Tisdale played a minor role is unnecessary, star appeal is a major factor in movies.

The user who paraphrased the statement is clearly confused because the fact that her mother is Jewish is not notable.

Tisdale never said in the article that her being Jewish is unique only because her mother is Jewish. Her mother HAPPENS to be Jewish, but it's irrelevant. Unless Tisdale actually made an effort and explained in her own exact words that she believes her Jewishness solely rests on her mother's side, and if her father was Jewish she would not be.

If we remove it from this article, then we have to remove it from all oof them. I'm not sure box-office figures or similar things are always relevant to include in the article, but where a film has especially high (or low, I guess) viewing figures, that is a significant fact about the main actors; whether or not Tisdale was a cause of the success of the HSM films, the success of the films is certainly a large part of what makes Tisdale well known.

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