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(if that was the actual reason behind the parent's rejection). -------------"O Lord, forgive me, my parents and Muslims in the Hereafter.

O Lord, show mercy on them as they showed mercy to me when I was young." Yeah, but take heart, he's not the only "fish in the sea" if that's not what he or his family wants, there are others.

O Lord, show mercy on them as they showed mercy to me when I was young." "If the parents of that gentlemen objected on the grounds of her having a child, divorced status, and even being a convert - then it could possibly be unislamic advise...

I know of a Muslim man who is younger than his wife,never married ,handsome and rich but married a woman with not one child but two. She is now carrying "his" child by the grace of GOD. There is obviously so much respect between them and Im sure.will have a wonderful life together as good muslims as they chose to follow ONLY and ONLY God's law. So if you would ask me if i would marry a woman with a child. Yes, I was shocked because, if two people are right for each other, why do the parents have a say in the relationship. I guess, I took his decision personal, and it was kind of a let down that I would be alone. But I fear because of my past, I will not be able to find who I am looking for.

Due to the fact that must Muslim are so judgmental of ones past and do not take the time to look at someones moral.

I loved reading your post and i must say that you r lucky, in a way that u didnt marry that guy.

Im sorry, but y wud a woman ever want to marry a guy who doesnt have his own opinion or understanding or whatever?

And one of them having a child from a previous marriage is not an issue. I submit to him and his law not what the world or my culture tells me, not what my parents tell me(if it is against GOD's law),not what anyone tells me.

Nowhere in the Quran can u see GOD asking single men not to marry divorced women just becoz they have a child. For i know and you know sister,that believers are guaranteed happiness here and in the here after only because they uphold GOD's law and nothing else and do not setup partners beside him. May I suggest that you concentrate, for now, on raising your son, learning your religion, and maybe a career track, if you have not already finished college, and given your good looks, intelligence and sense of humor, a suitable mate should flow naturally. With respect to your question about divorced women with children factoring into a marriage decision, of course it factors in, however so does education, religion, age, race, beauty and a whole host of other considerations.He flew out to meet me and stayed for the weekend (in a hotel, I didn't stay with him)I was always honest with him regarding my past and my son. He parents thought getting married and having a child right a way would be too much for him to handle.After he spoke with his parents he ended things with me.( i don't know many muslims and stopped hanging out with my friends) On the site I did meet one "normal" man, who I really liked and hoped we would get married.He was older then me, about 30 and he had never dated anyone, he was religious, kind,and educated, he seemed like everything I wanted.i personally wouldnt have a problem with it..i mean people make mistakes and they grow up, but if i feel like if im truly into you, then it would only be right that i accept your child also..i hope you take care and find a suitable companion in the future... some give downright unislamic advise which may be wrong -------------"O Lord, forgive me, my parents and Muslims in the Hereafter.

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