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Subsequently, years later, he began hanging around with a beautiful model, Melissa Stetten.Edit On December 19, 2015, Anthony got arrested for violating his old girlfriend, Dani Brand.

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A new round of footage has mysteriously appeared online from the night that a radio shock jock was arrested for allegedly abusing his girlfriend, showing him yelling and screaming as he searches his New York home for a gun.

At the time of the incident, around two minutes of footage emerged that Brand had posted to a Periscope account, however a further nine minutes from the same night has now surfaced on You Tube, Page Six reported.

He was arrested on 2015 after a 26 year old woman posted video of him fighting with her in a New York Home.

This video led to his arrest and he was made popular because of the issue. To his high school reunion, he took an 18 year old girl he was dating and was criticized for it.

This show and his direct views on regards to every matter, has made him hugely popular amongst fans who wish to constantly search the details related to his personal life as well as his career. He started airing there with Opie and the duo were liked and highly respected by people around the world.

Cumia, started his professional career as a broadcaster from his comedic singing skills that was portrayed in the O. He then got a chance to work at the WAAF radio channel from 1995 to 1998. He worked on the channel from 1998 and worked there until 2002. After this, he built a studio at his home and these performances were downloadable.

Looking his economic aspects, Anthony Cumia earns a decent amount of salary, from his radio career.

As of 2017, his net worth is estimated at around million.

After Jennifer, Cumia started dating Jill Nicolini and model Melissa Stetten subsequently.

He was once arrested for violenting his old girlfriend, Dani Brand.

Knowing about his personal life, Anthony Cumia Jennifer Cumia, after dating several months; she was an ex-girlfriend of his brother Joseph.

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