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Skipping this understanding is often a source of confusion.Before I jump into what a Hashtable is, I need to mention arrays first.For the purpose of this discussion, an array is a list or collection of values or objects.

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There is another syntax you can use for accessing and updating values that I will cover in a later section.

If you are coming to Powershell from another language, these existing examples should fit in with how you may have used hashtables before.

I want you to first see a Hashtable as a collection in the traditional definition of a hashtable.

This gives you a fundamental understanding of how they work when they get used for more advanced stuff later.

In this example I use the same lookup hashtable from above and provide 3 different array styles to get the matches.

This is a hidden gem in Power Shell that most people are not aware of.I am going to start with a basic technical description of what hashtables are in the general sense as used by most programming languages before I shift into the other ways Powershell makes use of them. The person’s name is the key and their age is the value that I want to save.A hashtable is a data structure much like an array, except you store each value (object) using a key. Once you add your values to the hashtable, you can pull them back out using that same key (instead of using a numeric index like you would have for an array).Category Info : Invalid Operation: table Enumerator: Hashtable Enumerator) [], Runtime Exception Fully Qualified Error Id : Bad Enumeration foreach($key in $environments.keys) Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.Category Info : Operation Stopped: (:) [], Invalid Operation Exception Fully Qualified Error Id : System.Here is our usual example from above treating the keys as properties.

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