American girl dating israeli men

He dismisses Israeli women — in his homeland and in America — as not for him.Since arriving from Israel in 2000, David Leiderman, 32, says he also preferred dating Latina women, in part because he has Latin roots. Leiderman has a wife, Rosie, of Mexican descent, and two children, ages 3 and 4.

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“Now that he’s been able to be completely open to me to tell me that it’s important to him, I understand that and I don’t mind raising Jewish children,” Sara says.

From the outset, Yoav felt strongly, as his parents did, about marrying a Jewish woman.

The owner of an event planning and design firm, Sonia was always attracted to Middle Eastern men and dated several Iranians before meeting Yoav. Both Asaf and Yoav say they met some early resistance from members of their family, which dissipated when they got to know the women.

“I realized that Israelis have a lot in common with Latin men, from my experience,” says Sonia, who emigrated from Costa Rica with her family at age 13. Nevertheless, Sara’s conversion to Judaism was never a condition for their marriage.

“In the beginning when I was with Sara, I didn’t care about her religion,” Asaf says. When the time comes and you’re in a foreign country, you start to change, whether you like it or not.

You find you have to get a little tighter with your beliefs — not that you go to an extreme — because you’re living among goyim.

But after several more encounters she relented to his persistent charms.

Born in Tel Aviv but raised in Toronto since age 4, Yoav wouldn’t categorize himself as a typical Israeli, although his dark skin and thick black hair give away his roots.

“Latinas are the eighth wonder of the world,” says Asaf Raz, who flashes an endearing look to his wife, Sara, as they sit together on a couch in their West Valley home.

With olive skin and long brown hair, Sara could pass for a Sephardic Israeli.

“So nice, so calm,” he says, “respectful.” The pair met at a salsa club, where Asaf, a professional salsa teacher and self-professed ladies man at the time, displayed mastery on the dance floor.

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