Aids dating hiv poz

Chase, Andrews, Spears and Cameron all did some work in the last ten years, but I haven't heard of any work they've done for five years or more. Spencer Reed married some German guy with a good job-a doctor or something I think.

You meet a multi-millionaire clothes designer, fuck him silly, tell him you love him, and watch the $ flow into your life.

I have known gay men who died of HIV, suicide, homicide and heart failure who had absolutely nothing to do with porn.

I also was a bit confused how heart failure kept being listed.

He made sure he got some Barrett Long fucking in some cop vid not that long ago.

Zak loves to get fucked and Long made sure he got it good.

Tony Stefano (Pizza Boy He Delivers, Inch by Inch) had long before quit porn when I met him a few times in NYC. Spring 1989: I saw him late on night in the East Village near my home and we were both (separately) drunk. Many more find other work than the number who commit suicide or die of AIDS.[quote]Blake Harper became straight - he only dates women now.

He kept telling me he was straight, and I kept telling him I didn't care, but I had 0 and lured him to my apartment for some drunk sex. That's not becoming "straight." After the billions of men he fucked on camera and his long term affairs with Colton Ford and Jason Branch, he can only ever, ever be bisexual. Turn fundie/straight, Get AIDS, overdose, become real estate agents, escort, etc..grow old into obscurity and wish that no one finds them.

I understand that some of the big muscle guys did way too many steroids which fucked up their hearts, but many of these guys listed as dying from heart failure were twinks.

R108, given the dates of death (mostly the 80s) I am assuming these guys caught AIDS before anyone knew it was even in existence.

Chad did not fuck Derek in the scene which was odd to me because that seemed to be a duo made in gay porn heaven.

Danny Somers (Summers/Sommers) posted in here a while back, but I don't think anyone believed it was really him.

Derek Cameron was also supposed to be in the real estate business not too long ago.

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