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It can be people with fetishes that they are embarrassed of or are maybe illegal when done in-person. Pedophilia is still illegal on text-chat and will have to be forbidden. Anonymous chat is a service where adults can talk out their fantasies.

My Vision for the Site - Adult Text is primarily about fantasy fulfillment.

Anonymous chat is a service where adults can talk out their fantasies.

Your site will obviously not become an i OS or Android app, given the technology you've used to build it, so then you're competing against desktop services in the main.

Four Largest Chat Services (Text/Room/Channel Based) Camfrog (all platforms) oo Voo (all platforms Gaming Platforms) Pal Talk (Windows, i OS, Android, Blackberry) Tiny Chat (Web & Mobile Web) Virtual worlds.

Taking a step back from applications to pure web apps you have Active Worlds which provides a visual experience but on the web browser. This means we can do a/b testing, testing of new features and markets, etc. Not a typical porn site, but something that is more of an open communication environment that focuses on fantasy fulfillment. If the main target is professional women, then cross-marketing deals with 2 blue industries - sex toys and cannabis - is an easy option.

There are a number of highly desirable markets these sites don't serve: 1) Women. You won't be able to compete with well established platforms with millions of users based on what you have described. There are other options, but I really don't want to get into them on a public forum. Your answer was quite complete, and I appreciate the time and thought you put into it. I don't want to get into a point-by-point, except on the choice of technology.The adult site guys are not venture capitalists or silicon valley guys, they just look at actual profits and usability, no matter what tech.No investor will buy adult sites for trillion dollars because no bank want even to work with us, so no dream of exit strategy.2) People who are not able to make in-person relationships. You obviously have not done enough research before building this thing.This can be married people, but in a way that's less skeezy than Ashley Madison. My Vision for the Site - Adult Text is primarily about fantasy fulfillment.Welcome to the Go Fuck - Adult Webmaster Forum forums. Something to learn websockets and Spring annotations. I'm looking for a couple people to work with me on it. adulttext dot club * A short-term roadmap for improvements * A greater tech plan that includes scalable hosting for very little money * 10 hours/week to work on it * The ability to add, quickly, new features as requested by customers, marketing and design * The ability to add extensive metrics.

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