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* Now that Michael kept his end of the bargain, it was Ashley's turn to keep her end of the bargain.

Similar in what they all said when having sex and similar in the noises they all made when cumming, it was quite enlightening to have had sex with his mother, Katherine, his sister, Christine, his mother-in-law, Anne, and his sister-in-law, Julie.

Michael was sexually using his new bride by abusing her wifely duties and her good nature in forcing her to satisfy their wedding debts with sex. No husband has the right to use his wife as a cum slut for the sexual pleasure of other men for money.

In the way that he pressured her to participate in the swinging lifestyle before they were married and coerced to suck and fuck a multitude of men's cocks, he was daring to do the same thing now that they were just married. Why would he want to sexually share his wife, a woman he just married? 'So much for marriage vows,' thought Michael while laughing.

'I'm not even married a week and I'm pimping out my wife.

Lucky for me my wife is a whore,' he thought while laughing to himself again.

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If ever he told his friends that they were ex-swingers, wanting to get with her too, they'd look at Ashley as if she was a whore. Just as if ever he told his friends that he had incestuous sex with his mother and sister, and had inappropriate sex with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law, they'd think that they were whores too.

No doubt, they'd sexually want to get with his mother, sister, her mother, and her sister too.

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