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Mc Nitt: Slightly different versions of this history have appeared in various published and unpublished genealogies of the Grillot family.Although the history is not dated, internal evidence makes it likely that it was written around 1960 (over a century after the arrival of the Grillots in Ohio).

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I have added bracketed notes beginning with my initials - WHM - to correct and/or add to the author's story.

In this feeble attempt of mine to write an account of our family and our French ancestors, I am indebted for the information collected for me most generously by our relatives in Ohio, to my brother, George Warin, and others.

In fact, it seems hazy to me whether Bridgen has actually watched the show over which he is now livid and bleating in a pearl-clutching manner.

I will kindly err on the side that he has, even if Versailles has yet to be allotted a transmission date in the UK.

Or, at the very least, when they should not be watching.

If you’re the sort of parent who lets your little dewdrops roam the house like savages after 9pm, informing you when they’re tired, I’m afraid their inadvertent exposure to Queen Marie-Therese being whipped into orgasmic frenzy by a bloke of restricted growth is not my concern.

It appears to be based for the most part on oral traditions passed down in her family, although she does mention a few letters that were in her possession.

In the years since the writing of the history, genealogists have discovered French records which add much information to what was known by the author.

On the Warin ancestors I have been most fortunate of possessing nine letters belonging to my father, which he gave me many years ago. Three of them were written to my father by his first cousin Joseph Warin, then residing at Labeuville, France, a few years after his return from the Franco-Prussian War in 1871; three were written to him by his uncle and god-father, Francois Pichon, his mother's brother; three written by his childhood friend, Abbe Parmentier, a priest in the diocese of Verdun, who lived at Labeuville at the same time Father did.

These letters were written in French and kindly translated for me by Sister Marie Clement Cusack, C. The account of the first three years while our parents lived at Versailles, Ohio and their early pioneer days in Iowa, were furnished me by my brother, George Warin, of Maloy, written down and sent to me by his daughter, Anna Warin. Julia Hart Noland, sister to Luke Hart, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus; also from a letter to me by Luke, I owe the information I related of the early history of the Catholic parish at Maloy, Iowa.

Similarly, if you are reading the furore about BBC2’s Versailles and have decided it will be too much for your frail sensibilities and yet, despite this, may still in 10 weeks’ time find your TV tuned to it, then I am unsure how we can shield and protect you as a viewer.

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