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Spending Thanksgiving with the team What are the top three things to look forward to the rest of the season? Notre Dame in Portland should be a good time How long have you personally been playing hockey? We like to go to the Bangor Mall sometimes which is usually a let down.

Nevertheless, the road is popular during the months leading up to Halloween.

Wisconsin Dells natives tell a spooky store of ancient canyons buried deep in the rock formations along the Wisconsin River, filled with dark creatures that haunt the passageways. We will still have our daily scenic tours this week so if you're still wanting to see the beautiful Wisconsin River on one of our double decker cruise boats, give us a call!

Two attractions can be found at Terror on the Fox—Blackthrone Manor and the Slaughterhouse. I can't say I'll for sure go again but I enjoyed the train! 🎃👻☠️ A post shared by Paige Berrier (@paigeberrier) on The Door County Trolley Ghost Tours offer two different tours.

Watch your back in both because the echoing screams and sounds of chainsaws might just scare you straight. Try the Trolley of the Doomed and share sunken ghost ships, haunted lighthouses, and pressing mysteries along Door County’s peninsula. Deep beneath the waterfront community of Sturgeon Bay are the spooky stories of murders, haunted buildings, and ghostly maritime stories.

See lit up, hand-carved pumpkins, take a ride on Raven’s Rail Train, get lost in the haystack maze, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather as Milwaukee prepares for Halloween.

Join us for wickedly fun, family-friendly activities at Boo at the Zoo, sponsored by Prairie Farms Dairy!Rumor has it that the road is haunted due to several Boy Scouts who passed away.Those who’ve dared to go down the road have reported feeling watched, lights in tress, lanterns, children laughing, and hand prints on their vehicles.A post shared by Taylor Wilson (@taywil215) on Freakfest is an annual Halloween party hosted in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.They invite bands, host live entertainment, and support all things Halloween.Pick out pumpkins and seasonal vegetation as well as a kid-friendly petting zoo.

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