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He forced himself to think about something else, fearing it would become obvious to everyone at the pool if he continued that same line of thought.Penny on the other hand couldn't stop thinking sexual thoughts.He opened the bottle and began to apply the lotion to Penny, beginning with her feet and legs.

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There were three separate pools and four hot tub areas scattered around the edges and corners of the pool deck. Who knew what was around every corner and down each pathway.

Rick and Penny lay their towels down in adjacent lawn chairs near one of the big pools.

After applying sunscreen, Rick took out his i Phone and Penny her book.

Within minutes, a waitress approached the two and took their drink orders.

After a few minutes of warm euphoria, a huge gust of wind jolted Rick out of his nap. "It's such a warm day, it's so easy to drift to sleep." "I'm sure those two margaritas had nothing to do with it.

Why don't you take a dip in the pool and wake yourself up," Penny suggested.The woman was sitting on top of the man and they were aggressively making out.The man pulled his lips away from hers and relocated them onto her neck; she threw her head back passionately.They were in Las Vegas, people drank all hours of the day. Today was a perfect day to lie around by the pool with a drink and unwind.The sun was hot, but not unbearably so, and occasional breezes cooled off and refreshed the couple.After a few seconds of attacking her neck and cupping her breasts, he seemed to whisper something into her ear.

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