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In addition, patient ambassadors -- survivors who have experienced similar situations and are trained in peer support -- are available to new patients to help them use the services we provide just for teens and young adults. In addition, Pablo Saldana, Ph D, a vocational rehabilitation specialist, helps teens to plan for their future careers by achieving their goals at school and preparing for their the work world as a young adult with cancer or as a long-term cancer survivor. Salanda provides each teen with an individualized vocational assessment, IEP or 504 plan consultations, and assistance with educational accommodations, career planning, transition to adult-oriented health care, and more.

We provide educational material to each teen and young adult in a format that they like to use, which includes a care guide on a flash drive and other cancer information that is geared toward the needs of this age group. Our teen-focused psychosocial support services promote health, treatment compliance, and long-term wellness through education and a continued relationship with Wolfson and Nemours for medical care through the teen’s transition into adulthood and adult care providers.

With all of the amenities and such dedicated staff.

JHBI is the largest private center for cochlear implants in this region and strives to provide compassion and understanding for each patient and his or her individual needs.

A cochlear implant is an electrical device that provides auditory-like sensation to individuals with severe to profound hearing loss at each ear.

The brain is then able to recognize this stimulation as sound.

Many cochlear implant recipients can develop spoken communication, reconnect with loved ones, continue their talents in the workplace, and chat comfortably in most settings.

Audiometric, medical, radiological and speech performance evaluations with current hearing aid(s) are needed to assist medical staff, patients and families in decision-making.

The following are the FDA guidelines used to determine candidacy and financial coverage: • A severe to profound (deafness) hearing loss in each ear • Limited or no benefit from standard appropriate amplification • Medically healthy for surgery • Normal radiological (MRI/CT) studies • Realistic expectations regarding outcome performance Cochlear implant surgery is performed by Dr.

We work with reproductive endocrinologists in the area to provide options.

Anthem Lakes is a Senior Living Rental Retirement Community located in the Atlantic Beach area of Jacksonville, Florida offering supportive independent living, assisted living, and premier Alzheimer’s/memory care.

The system consists of an internal receiver and an external processor.

The internal component is implanted totally beneath the skin behind the ear.

We recognize that adolescents and young adults with cancer experience unique challenges during this significant period of their development when they are becoming more independent, establishing relationships, going to school and starting careers, as well as exploring their sexuality and forming their own worldview. We know that while adolescents and young adults may not be thinking about having children at this point in their lives, it may become an important concern in the future.

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