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Each Saturday, from 1pm to pm, we’re gathering friends over at Cucina, for Grandma’s table. We strongly believe that, so we put together yet another great offer – a long, rich and copious meal with appetizers, soup, homemade pasta and risotto, fresh fish, grilled meats, best pizza ever and the rich desserts of Cucina, all for 120 lei person.

So Saturdays become the ideal occasions to catch up on authentic Italian savors and agreeable company.

The guaranteed ticket to a successful weekend is 25 lei per person.

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Maintains appropriate grooming and hygiene standards. Follows standards of conduct, and all procedures, systems, and rules communicated by management. Helps others work safely by being alert to and taking action regarding safety hazards (such as spills).

With spring well on its way and a surge of new energy and pleasurable moments to come, we have decided to celebrate the new season with a collection of fine surprises, each more surprising than the other. Leave work tasks behind, forget about projects and deadlines and simply unwind among friends, laugh with them and share stories of the now gone week.

Clearly, one our favorite Italian hang out traditions!

There’s nothing a nice drink, lovely appetizers and great company can’t cure.

Cost Management: Uses company assets in the most efficient manner. Sanitation: Consistently washes hands and restrains hair. Side work: Completes assigned side work in a timely manner.

Sets up and breaks down assigned station per standard. Dependability &Punctuality/Attendance: Comes to work on time as scheduled. When absent, informs management in a timely manner. Personal Conduct & Appearance: Comes to work in a proper, clean uniform.Do not hesitate to make friends with them, along the shared lunch with countless (15 or so! Coming back on the alluring reasons to drop by in for a Saturday lunch, we recall just a few – traditional cheeses, fresh and matured, cold cuts, marinated olives and so many other antipasti temptations, deep fried shrimps with garlicky mayo, Cacciucco, the wonderful seafood soup, different kinds of homemade pasta, surprising risottos or fish of the day… Great food has always been a perfect starter for hearty conversations and, why not, relationships.Who knows, you might find friends for life at Grandma’s Table!Hosting Staff is asked to notify a manager at once if things that are not up to our standards or if any equipment is not functioning properly.DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: Quantity of Work: Maintains quality standards of products and procedures while working quickly, efficiently, and productively through the shift. Job Knowledge: Job behavior indicates a thorough knowledge of food standards, job procedures and equipment use. Teamwork, Attitude & Initiative Helps other staff members provide guest service. Always a team player: Works to create a harmonious work environment.Upon returning to the station, hostesses also make any necessary changes to the dining room seating chart.

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