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Because the data doesn't change, maintenance isn't an issue.

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When you develop applications that multiple users will access over the network, you must make sure they effectively handle sharing data and other application objects.

Many options are available for developers when they design multiuser applications, and this chapter covers the pros and cons of these options.

If multiple users/programs try to open a file at the same time, all of them open it successfully.

Still, only the last saved changes will be kept, messing up the whole process.

I have an automated program which is working on Excel workbooks.

When someone opens the workbook currently being processed, they will get a read-only message.

the work book often can lose data for mysterious reasons and formatting changed seemingly on a whim.

users forget to close workbook and when you look at who has this file open you could end up with 20 or so names many of them duplicated.

Feel free to have a look at the article I wrote: https:// Thanks! You could use an abstraction layer that synchronizes access to spreadsheets.

Programs that need access to these files would then direct their calls to a network service instead of opening the file.

In this way, users share data but not the rest of the application objects.

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