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The format was abandoned by 1933 and two-speed turntables were no longer offered in RCA's consumer products, but some Program Transcriptions lingered in the record catalog throughout the decade.During the early part of the depression, RCA Victor made a number of attempts to create a successful cheap label to compete with the "dime store labels" (Perfect, Oriole, Banner, Melotone, etc.).The Okaloosa County Clerk of Courts is pleased to offer Internet access to the indices of the Okaloosa County Court Records.

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The first was the short-lived "Timely Tunes" label in 1931 sold at Montgomery Ward.

In 1932, Bluebird Records was created as a sub-label of RCA Victor.

In 1929, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) purchased the Victor Talking Machine Company, then the world's largest manufacturer of phonographs (including the famous "Victrola") and phonograph records (in British English, "gramophone records"). In absorbing Victor, RCA acquired the New World rights to the famous Nipper/"His Master's Voice" trademark.

In 1931, RCA Victor's British affiliate the Gramophone Company merged with the Columbia Graphophone Company to form EMI.

The company's name is derived from the initials of the label's defunct parent company, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA).

It is the second oldest recording company in US history, after sister label Columbia Records.It is one of Sony Music Entertainment's three flagship record labels, alongside Columbia Records and Epic Records.The label has released multiple genres of music, including pop, rock, hip hop, electronic, R&B, blues, jazz, and country.Only the Public Records Indices of Okaloosa County provided in the Okaloosa County Courthouse in Crestview or the Okaloosa Courthouse Annex Extension in Ft.Walton Beach shall be referenced as the Official Public Records Indices.These used a shallower and more closely spaced implementation of the large "standard groove" found on contemporary 78 rpm records, rather than the "microgroove" used for post-World War II 33⅓ rpm "LP" (long play) records.

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