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Prelude is the most fantastic, beautiful, easy-to-use and self-learning chatbot. Talk to her about whatever comes to your mind and watch her become an intimate friend...

She is lightning fast, smart, learns on the fly (in any language! Prelude is based on an award winning self learning chatbot program.

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Prolix offers a modulardesign allowing one to create and usecustom controls, bots and displays.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux Here's How You Can Use The Same Profit-Boosting Strategy As Many Of The Big Companies, By Offering Visitors To Your Word Press Blog 24/7 Live Chat Support - Even While You Sleep Do you know what the majority of your visitors will do when they see something on your blog that they are unsure about? Platforms: Windows, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server daddy-bot is an IRC bot, written in PHP, designed for channel protection, entertainment, and channel help.

Bots and artificial intelligence are broadening […] Read More » The digital transformation has a growing impact on businesses.

While early messaging platform chatbots can seem spammy and/or time wasting, 3Dprintler’s chatbot feels like a far more practical application of this sort of tech, given that 3D printing can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

Such websites are designed on the AI algorithm where you can interact with the machine in your leisure time for fun .

Breeze through them, you might just feel the urge of trying out one!

PHPBorg will idle in IRC channels listening to what is going on around it.

It stores a database of lines and words, stating in what lines the words have been heard.

The client script controlls a div that records your ongoing...

Platforms: *nix The Web Chat Bot project is intended to create a common code base for web-based chat bots.

It is the result of a marriage between the Spider Monkey engine and the Smart Irc4Net library.

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