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Rose and Everly dated in the Eighties before they wed in April 1990, and had their marriage annulled in January 1991.

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The opening night in Helsinki was an inauspicious but not untypical beginning for the biggest band in the world at that time (their 1987 debut album, one of the most exciting and incendiary albums of that era, Appetite for Destruction, had shifted over 40m copies worldwide).

Their Helsinki show was only an hour old when, as guitarist Slash launched into Welcome To The Jungle, Axl stormed off in a huff.

You flip through pictures and press “heart” if you like what you see and “x” if you don’t.

I’ve read article upon enthusiastic article about Tinder being the new big thing, and I get the appeal: maybe the one for you is a friend of a friend, just waiting to be discovered.

To the base 60-watt head or combo you could add reverb, graphic EQ, 100-watt output stage with Simul Class (a simultaneous use of Class A and Class A/B tube pairings, or one or the other independently), an export power transformer, an upgraded Electro-Voice or Altec speaker, and an exotic hardwood cabinet with wicker grille.

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