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Renée Zellweger looks perfectly normal to me, and I'm standing an inch away from her nose.

She's always been a big music fan, she says, remembering how she loved to listen to records as a teenager.

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"We head to the Beverly Hills Hotel pool restaurant in search of a cosy booth where we can hunker down and talk about the much-anticipated third instalment of the Bridget Jones franchise.

Just like Bowie, Zellweger can make herself invisible in public.

E, R." By now the hostess is visibly squirming with embarrassment, but Zellweger plays it cool, complimenting her on her manicure on our way to the booth in an attempt to put her at ease.

Speaking of her decision to take an extended break from Hollywood, she said: "It was time, it was time, I wanted to do some other things that there's not a lot of time for when you're caught up in the cycle of making films, because they tend to overlap."There's not a lot of time to develop other skills, it's a pretty big commitment, it's a happy fun commitment, but I wanted to learn some other things., so it may not come as a surprise that she has been faced with a barrage of questions about whether she'd want to have a child of her own.

"She's become a successful TV producer, she's making money, her clothes are smarter, she's in good shape - but she's still Bridget.

It's been 15 years since 32-year-old Bridget landed in our cinemas wearing a very short skirt and see-through shirt, in all her fleshy, sexy, hapless, heroic and hilariously funny fag-smoking glory.

" Well, I think, that's as good a way to break the ice as any.

The sequel, (directed by Beeban Kidron), followed in 2004 and was another box-office smash, so there seems no reason why the third instalment - written by Helen Fielding, Emma Thompson and Dan Mazer, and which has taken eight years to come to fruition - won't appeal to its original huge audiences.

As we drive, a small compartment above the windscreen repeatedly falls open.

Riding through the perfectly manicured streets of Beverly Hills, I look around her car for clues to her life.

"If you find a role that had such success as Bridget, why wouldn't you want to reprise that?

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