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► Fossil pollen is a robust calibration approach for relaxed molecular-clock dating.

By assembling a data matrix of pollen morphological characters from extant and fossil Myrtaceae, we were able to measure the fit of 26 pollen fossils to a molecular phylogenetic tree using parsimony optimisation of characters.

We identified eight fossils as appropriate for calibration based on the most parsimonious placements of these fossils on the tree.

The archaebacteria could have flourished more than 3 billion years ago under conditions previously thought to be uninhabitable to all known life forms.

Although many conservative references place the archaebacteria in a separate division within the kingdom Monera, most authorities now recognize them as a 6th kingdom--The kingdom Archaebacteria.

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In fact, data from DNA and RNA comparisons indicate that archaebacteria are so different that they should not even be classified with bacteria. The scalelike leaves of Arizona cypress are glaucous and very glandular (sticky).

Systematists have devised a classification level higher than a kingdom, called a domain or "superkingdom," to accomodate the archaebacteria. The scalelike leaves of Tecate cypress are green and without dorsal resin glands.

Each kingdom is further subdivided into separate phyla or divisions.

Generally "animals" are subdivided into phyla, while "plants" are subdivided into divisions.

This study illustrates the potential of including pollen-based calibrations in molecular studies of divergence times.► Most robust and well sampled Myrtaceae phylogeny to date (106 taxa, 80 genera).

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